The University Spine Center is dedicated to providing advanced treatment options for spinal disorders.


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World-class spine center in NY and NJ

When you or a loved one has a problem related to your spine, you need University Spine Center. University Spine Center is a leading institution for treatment of spine disorders and related trauma. These include degenerative disc disease, kyphosis, herniated disc/ruptured disc, bulging disc, thinning disc, lumbar spinal stenosis, myelopathy, sciatica (pain in the sciatic nerve), scoliosis, spinal cord injury and spondylolisthesis, Workers’ Compensation injuries and more.

Our treatment approach integrates medical management, physical therapy, nutritional support and pain management therapies that address all aspects of care. Our goal is to alleviate pain, improve function and enhance quality of life for patients suffering from spine disorders.

One patient, six expert providers

We consult and act as a team – four board-certified spine surgeons, a pain management specialist and a nutritionist – on behalf of every single patient. Ultimately, that’s how we deliver the most effective care. And we are fluent in Spanish, Portuguese, Farsi, Korean, French, German, Hindi and Urdu.

Minimally invasive surgery, maximally effective care

We are recognized leaders in minimally invasive spine procedures and often perform outpatient surgery, allowing you to go home the same day. However, even minimally invasive surgery is not always needed to effectively treat many types of back problems. Working together as your care team, we may recommend a number of nonsurgical treatments, as well.

Pain management

Our pain management specialists will be part of your therapy. They can administer targeted injections of medications and offer such advanced therapies as a spinal cord stimulator to block pain signals with electrical pulses or radiofrequency ablation to destroy damaged tissue.

Nutritional support

Additionally, our nutritionist consults with our team as part of each patient’s overall health and well-being. Because we consider you and your physician as partners in your care, we will work together to alleviate your pain and improve your level of function and diet. It’s a higher quality of patient care for a better quality of life.

Discover world-class spine care. Call 844-877-4632 or use our convenient Request an Appointment form. We serve the communities of Wayne, Clifton, Long Island and surrounding locations.

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