Scoliosis is an abnormal curving of the spine. It occurs in a surprisingly large number of children as well as adults. Unfortunately, there are no early markers for scoliosis.

Many parents find out that their child has scoliosis only after back pain, extreme fatigue, and abnormal posture become visibly apparent. Even physicians may miss the first signs of scoliosis in a child—at the right point to begin effective treatment. Now there is a new test called ScoliScore that can help diagnose scoliosis.

ScoliScore is a noninvasive saliva-based DNA test that looks at genetic markers to determine if the scolioisis will progress. The use of ScoliScore may decrease unnecessary tests, X-rays, and bracing for the child. The University Spine Center is pleased to offer this highly advanced ScoliScore testing system as part of its comprehensive program of back and spine care.